No Dummy & A Clean House

There were things we said before becoming parents that we now realise were quite naive. I remember once saying “why do parents give babies dummies? Continue reading “No Dummy & A Clean House”

Morning Sickness

Ginger tea, ginger biscuits, sucking lemons, sipping water, eating small and often, sickness bands, eating something first thing in the morning… Did it work for me? did it heck! Continue reading “Morning Sickness”

Our Little Motive

As 6 and a half weeks have flown by in what feels like a week I thought it would be a nice idea to keep an online blog of the ups and downs of becoming new parents and to back track 9 months on the highs (won’t be too many of these except consuming my body weight in food) and downs of my pregnancy (lots). Continue reading “Our Little Motive”