Big Scream

Last week me and a new mummy friend went to watch Absolutely Fabulous with our babies… sounds horrendous right? Not the film part, the part with going to the cinema with our babies!

The Big Scream is a cinema session just for parents and carers with babies under the age of one. I was quite hesitant on how it would be. Would it just be a normal screening room? As dark as normal? What would we do if the babies just cried the whole time? Ahhh – it just seemed another ‘what if’ situ and more effort than its worth!

Was it actually a good idea to go to the cinema with a 4 month old baby?

YES, YES IT WAS! (It worked for us)! Ava was mesmerised by the big screen, colours and sounds. After about 10 minutes of this Ava was ready for her next feed and then for the rest of the time she was fast asleep (result!). The cinema was just our normal local cinema, as dark as a normal screening however the sound wasn’t quite so loud. It seemed to really calm Ava and as a rare treat (for me) she actually took her day time nap (normally this little monkey doesn’t believe in napping in the day time) and I got to enjoy a film.

Some other babies were crying at times but nothing compared to what I thought and the thing is it really didn’t matter, we were all in the same boat so we all just felt comfortable. No-one to judge – which felt like a first!

If I am desperate for a break soon I know where I will be going to take Ava for a nap!

Go grab your baby mummy friends and grab a coffee (or prosecco) and enjoy a film! Definitely recommend 🙂