Ava is 6 months

How can this teeny tiny 2 day little dot be 6 months old?

I was originally going to do monthly updates but every month has flown by so quickly so here we are, at 6 months already.

I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. I know everyone says it but I still can’t believe it. Ava has changed from the newborn sleepy daze waking up just for a feed and a nappy change to now rolling and giggling around with a cheeky little personality who is such a water baby, loves playing and is a fan of weaning!


Here’s Avas 6 month update, you show ’em what you can do my little superstar…

  • Sleeps around 12 hours throughout the night and will have a little nap in the day.Β This is great Ava, keep doing this and you’ll always be our superstar.
  • Bath time is her favourite time of the day.
  • Such a little piggy – has 6 7oz bottles a day and has 2-3 purees. Loves all of her veggies and fruits.
  • Loves to smiles and giggle all day.
  • Can play and throw her toys around.
  • Has so much fun at baby play groups twice a week – her favourite parts are the singing and dancing.
  • Has had her first swimming classes and loved it – such a water baby.
  • Wont stop rolling over now she’s started.
  • Kicks her legs and twirls her feet around all day long.
  • Can sit up, but only for about 10 seconds without face planting the floor (we are still learning).
  • Has cut through her bottom two teeth.
  • Loves going on lots of days out.
  • Has touched her toes in the sand for the first time.
  • Grabs her feet and takes her socks off ALL the time.
  • Gets super excited and hyper when her daddy gets in from work – its so cute!
  • Baby TV – this is such a hit! I didn’t want to admit it but yep she’s addicted! Not forgetting Peppa Pig too.
  • Likes to cry for her food every time we want to eat our food.
  • Does NOT like being dressed and is much happier when naked.
  • Has the cheekiest little personality and definitely already has her daddy wrapped around her finger.
  • Likes to grab everything she can get her hands on.
  • Last but not least, gives the best cuddles and is so loving – nothing beats that!

Happy 6 months baby! Next update will be in another 6 months… when you will be 1! Ahhh!