Teething & Tiny Tantrums 

So when we finally overcame the bottom two teeth coming through I must have thought to myself ‘all done here, teething milestone complete’ and then BOOM its stroke again… but this time even worse.

Ava has been really struggling with her top two teeth cutting through, her cheeks are so puffy and red and she’s in so much pain. It’s so horrible watching her scream and not be able to do much except provide the usual teething rings, toys, gels, powders and Calpol. Sometimes I find nothing will work at all and I feel so useless.

Last time I found it really hard but I felt like I could comfort her a lot more as she was a few months younger, but this time it is proving a lot more difficult.  Poor little thing!

At least they look super duper cute…

So from the sweet little lemon dress photo showing off her little nashers and usually very happy little self… to little miss sassy diva pants a.k.a Ava Isabelle Andrews.

I thought I had ages until tantrums would start? I didn’t realise Ava would have such a little personality already (I’ve got to admit at the moment I do love it because they aren’t proper tantrums just little diva baby ones that are quite funny – I am sure the novelty will wear off soon).

Ava wants everything to grab and explore at the moment which is great and I get that, its all part of her learning and developing. However, the things Ava mainly want are the things that are not hers. For example, MY phone, MY hairbrush, MY food plate, MY everything. When she gets her hands on something that is mine and I try to take it back, WOW she screams & cries until she can get it back! Even things like my drinking bottle, she will be holding her own water cup but as soon as she sees mine hers is on the floor and she is demanding for mine.

Here is a lovely photo of a morning tiny tantrum, still in her pj’s and she kept dropping her hairbrush so obviously thats my fault isn’t it? and obviously I deserve to be screamed at 10 times until she got it back aaaaaahhhhhh!

We love you and your cheeky little personality!