Our First Holiday

It started with a poo explosion and it ended with a poo explosion…

However everything in-between was absolutely amazing. I didn’t expect to have such a good time, I know that sounds silly but as first time parents travelling abroad with a 7 month year old baby I was quite hesitant to say the least but we actually found it so much easier than ever expected.

So back to the beginning, we booked an all inclusive resort in Almeria. We didn’t want to travel too far and we definitely thought all inclusive would be the best option for us seeing as late nights were going to be a no-go. Actually, I can confirm they were definitely a no-go and we were the ones in bed by 10pm (latest) saying “oh my gosh I can’t believe the music downstairs is still on”.

Sorry I have gone off track, so yes we arrived at the airport car park at 3am and this is when we both thought ‘this is the start of a disaster of a holiday, we haven’t even got to the airport yet’. It was pouring with rain and just when we were all about to get out of the car to run to catch the bus Ava decided it was a perfect time to explode through an all white babygrow. So in the pitch black, baby fully naked and near upside down in the back of the car it was a rush change, an outfit binned and a car seat very messy – slightly different to those previous days when having a glass of bubbly to celebrate your holidays but HEY HO!

As for the aeroplane flight, I was quite anxious about this and by the looks of online forums a lot of parents are. I read quite a lot of things beforehand about feeding on take off etc and what to do/what not to do. I originally was going to feed Ava on takeoff however as we had an early flight Ava was still quite tired so she fell asleep before take off (both ways) so I didn’t want to wake her up however she did have her dummy so she was sucking this which would have made her ears pop. For the rest of the flight Ava was awake and she was absolutely fine, she was just trying to get everyones attention and smile. We brought quite a few toys for the plane which was a total waste of time as all she wanted to play with was the flight bar menu. (You know what you are getting for Christmas this year!)

We stayed at the Evenia Zorida Park resort and it was absolutely perfect for us as a family. It was so friendly, lovely sea view room, amazing swimming pools and great restaurants on site. Ava absolutely loved it and its so family friendly.

I don’t normally say ‘I’ll go back’ to the same place but for an easy journey and a great time for Ava I definitely would. As like most holidays, it went way too quickly!

I think Ava thought we had moved there as when we got back to our own door step (quite literally) she was less than impressed and you guessed it, she decided she would give us a returning home present and ruin another outfit. Brilliant.

Apart from that I wish we were back enjoying a very large lemonade G&T or mojito at 11am by the pool!



Side note: happy happy happy 8 months today little pumpkin! xx