Weaning So Far & New Milestones

Weaning has gone so well recently, we really feel like it just came out of nowhere and all of a sudden Ava has three meals a day and her snacks in-between. Since her little top nashers have come through she chews all the lumps and new textures really well. Ava has dropped quite a few bottle feeds and now has three bottles maximum a day. Happy little tum!

Ava loves wheatabix or porridge with fruit for breakfast, rice cakes for snacks, cottage pie or spag bowl for lunches/dinners and her favourite pudding has to be banana custard!

Since Ava turned 8 months she has learnt so much, it’s been such a lovely month of new milestones and apart from a few weeks of colds, coughs and clingyness which hasn’t been so great all of Ava’s tricks have made up for feeling like pants!

Ava has learnt to crawl, climb and stand this month! She looks too small to be standing up but she loves it and is always so impressed with herself when she gets up – she looks around for me and Ash to praise her, its so cute although does wear off after twenty times of saying “yay well done Ava woohoo” and as you can see below everything gets thrown off the tables and knocked down.

Side tracking a little bit as I know its not really a milestone but its still a major moment for us – Ava started nursery this month too and she really enjoys it (although saying that this morning she cried lots beforehand but apart from that she has the best time).

I however have found it much harder aahhhh, on her first settling in morning I thought ‘I’ve got this, woo I have a few hours to myself’ however on her first real day I was a mess! I went to get some bread after I dropped her off and 45 minutes later I was still walking up and the down the aisles feeling so sorry for myself and I stopped at the baby aisle for quite some time. Not so sureΒ looking at baby rice cakes, purees and nappies are that comforting Β hmmm but anyway, she has settled in really well and we are both used to it now! πŸ™‚

Ava has now turned 9 months, lets see what this month brings!