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It was only last night when I asked Ash “what are your new years resolutions?”. We both never really make them as we are rubbish at trying to stick to them so this year I am going to try my hardest and stick to a few goals instead! So, here they are…

Eat Healthier

Yes I can already hear you saying “yeah that will last 2 weeks” but honestly last year I really could have eaten better. I never really got out of the ‘pregnancy eating for two stage’ (and I had Ava in February so really no excuse) so this year I am going to really try and make healthier choices. Of course at the weekends that rule will be out of the window but as people say ‘everything is OK in moderation’.

Also, its good that I have just started these goals/resolutions/kind of turning into a to-do list today as if I were have had to start it actually on 1st January 1st it wouldn’t even be included as at 8pm that evening I really fancied a Maccies so hopped in the car in my jimjams and picked up a double cheeseburger. Mmmm. Not ideal for my waistline.

Oh and get back into doing some exercise!

Give less F****

I knows it’s rude but its true! Since becoming a mumma opinions are thrown left, right and centre and sometimes its really hard not to feel rubbish about things which are said – I’m not even going to go into what bloody Melanie said to me once at the post office.

Disclaimer: Melanie is made up and I haven’t bumped into her in a post office before, she is an  irritant example of being made to feel like I am doing everything wrong in motherhood. 

So starting from now I am going to try and care less about opinions, some people in particular who made 2016 quite honestly hard work and just stuff in general which is just not worth worrying about.

I am going to care less about certain things and care more about all the lovely fabulous stuff! (Like the below)

Write blog posts more regularly 

There is nothing quite like posting a blog post. I feel like its a little weight lifted off my shoulder each time. A little bit of a rant and then I feel all refreshed again!

So this year I am really going to try and stick to regular posting when I have something I think is quite interesting to talk about (I know its not always top banana). Also, when I can find the time inbetween working, looking after Ava, cleaning the house, blah blah blah excuses Leah!

I am going to try my hardest at this one.

Drink less coffee

Thought about it, its not going to happen. I do not need to punish myself in 2017.

So there we are! Three goals/resoultions/thoughts – whatever you want to call them! Happy new year everyone, hope it brings lots of happiness and even more cappuccinos.