Life Lately

The last month or so has been up and down! We’ve all been bombarded with lots of bugs, germs and sickness since Ava started nursery however we’ve also seen lots of new milestones which Ava has achieved.

The best one has to be saying ‘mumma’ a lot more frequently rather than just when she is shouting or when crying.

Ava has also started dancing. Yep she will be on the next series of Strictly Come Dancing! Ok, maybe not – just cute little bounces and head shakes whenever she hears music. AH ITS SO CUTE I JUST BURST WHEN SHE DOES THIS.

Other milestones are Ava clapping and waving hello/goodbye!

Back to work work work work work work

I started a new part time job which I am really enjoying. I would definitely be lying though if I hadn’t thought about not returning to work but after looking at my bank balance I had a quick awakening. Also, I wanted to start getting into a bit more of a routine and have some structure back to our days.

Finding a job was very difficult – I didn’t go back to my original role as they couldn’t offer me any part time hours which was a shame. I didn’t realise how hard it would be to find something else which would work around being a new mum. Finally, I’ve something which is working just great at the moment!

I did find it really hard leaving Ava at nursery and begin working again, it was just so sad to think that our maternity days were over and that chapter of us two has stopped. I can’t complain too much, I am only working 2/3 days a week so I do have the other days with Ava however its just another thing that reminds me our little baby isn’t so much of a little baby anymore.

I thought I would be judged on only working part time hours but actually so far the comments I have received are that they think I shouldn’t be leaving my baby yet and should be at home looking after her (TALK ABOUT MUM GUILT AGAIN). I’ve realised whatever you do its not going to be someone else’s ideal situation so what can you do?

If you are a stay at home parent, work at home, work part time or work full time – it doesn’t matter, whatever works for you!

Spa break

A lovely highlight from January was the over night spa stay last weekend. It was lush to just chill and have some us time before going back to our crazy little life.

Its very hard to do things together now or things you used to take for granted before with friends. Its true when people say ‘life will be completely different’ and you do have to make sacrifices a lot more but its completely worth it and if anything makes when you do see people and go out appreciate it a little more! Some people understand and some not so much but maybe I wouldn’t have before becoming a parent.

And at the end of the day, nothing beats spending time with our little cheeky nearly 11 month old baby! AHH that reminds me, ITS HER FIRST BIRTHDAY NEXT MONTH so I best get planning. Mummys/daddys – what did you do for your bubbas first birthday?

I’m off to make a yummy nutritious fish finger sandwich filled with lots of Tommy K whilst Ava naps!