This Time Last Year

…I was 3 stone heavier and had gained a triple chin!

AllΒ for good reasons as I was 9 months pregnant so full of baby and 9 months consumption of DONUTS! If you can’t do it whilst your pregnant then when can you?

My little bun was fully cooked in the oven and I can remember so strongly every day waiting & waiting for the day to come! I was due on valentines day so did still have another week to go however I was adamant she would come early. Well, she actually kept us waiting and was 11 days overdue.

I really thought she would be earlier so when people would say ‘have you tried any old wives tales to bring on labour?’ I thought I wouldn’t even need to try. WELL, ACTUALLY I TRIED THEM ALL from drinking pints of pineapple juice, going for really long walks (photo below on my due date), eating hot curries, raspberry tea (then realising after drinking half the pack that it was infact strawberry infused tea) to attempting sex – horrendous ordeal when you are the size of a hippo carrying a baby hippo (sorry for TMI here). Anyway, you name it, I tried it and if you would like to know if any of it worked out Β – well nope it didn’t.

Another thing which made my blood boil was that every single day passed my due date I would get loads of text like ‘have you had the baby?’, ‘is she here yet?’, ‘any news?’ etc. OH I MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN TO GO INTO LABOUR, HAVE THE BABY AND NOT LET YOU KNOW – OF COURSE SHE ISNT HERE YET I AM STILL SAT AT HOME WATCHING JEREMY KYLE, LOOSE WOMEN AND CLEANING THE KITCHEN FLOOR 100 TIMES A DAY.

Oh amen that made me mad thinking about it again (I know its only people caring but jeeeze).

Every day since January I would think ‘todays the day’ as I would feel a new twinge (which of course I thought was a contraction every time. I don’t even think they were strong enough to call them braxton hicks), have a bit back ache or going for a wee and thinking ‘yep there goes my waters’…I was in hope! I would google early labour signs every single day and a lot of things would be ‘your mucus plug will show’, ‘you will have contractions’, ‘you will start nesting’ (photo below of Ava’s wardrobe – I must have rearranged twenty times) and the most common one ‘you will just know when you go into labour’.

The thought of ‘you will just know’ was not what I wanted to hear and it was quite a scary thought as I really had no idea what it would be like being my first time. However I eat my own words, when the time came I did JUST KNOW! I bloody felt those contractions and my waters breaking was much different than going for a wee. (Anyway we won’t be going into my labour story right now, don’t think I am up for reliving those gory details).

So this time last year was the most scary/exciting/anxious time and I can’t quite believe it was a whole year ago since I was sipping on that cuppa below using my belly as a table.

Enjoy those lovely baby bumps ladies and try to enjoy those last hot cuppas as much as possible!