Ava is One

We have a one year old! Ahh! How quickly has this come around? I am going to mix this blog post up with a 12 month update and her first birthday party…

12 Month Update

Weight: Ava weighs about 18lbs (from the last time she was weighed which was last month).

Sleeping: Ava has always been pretty good at sleeping however the last few months she has been waking a few times. Sometimes just for her dummy but mostly its for an extra bottle! Normally Ava will sleep through the night though and goes off between 7/7.30pm until normally around 6.30/7am. In the daytime Ava will have a long nap in the morning at around 10am and a short nap in the afternoon around 3pm.

Eating:Β Ava has two small bottles of milk (one in the morning and one before bedtime). Today was actually the last day she will be on formula as the health visitor said we can now switch her to cows milk in the morning and night (can’t believe I will be saying goodbye to my Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine – you’ve been my best friend these last 12 months). In the daytime Ava eats breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack and then her dinner. To drink Ava just has water. We are so lucky that we don’t have a fussy eater. If you know Ava you will know how much she loves her food (and then loves to steal mine too).

Her favourite things at the moment are cauliflower cheese, lasagne, spag bowl, veggies, fruits, the organix brand snacks, milk chocolate buttons (her eyes light up when she gets these for a treat), yoghurts, cheese… ok I could go on she loves everything!

Milestones:Β I feel like everyday Ava is learning something new. I love her at this age as she is just so much fun (excluding the tiny tantrums) and cheeky! I will most probably forget some but here are her recent milestones:

  • Clapping
  • Waving
  • Standing (still quite wobbly but getting there)
  • Giving kisses
  • Giving high fives
  • Touching her head when you say “Wheres Avas head?” (nearly similar with her nose too however she seems to just hit herself in the face ahhh)
  • Saying new words

Ava Loves:Β Swimming, the park, days out, children (she is fascinated with children), bath time, spending time with her family, baby play groups, nursery and causing baby mischief!

Ava doesn’t love: Getting dressed and having her face wiped! Drama queen.

It has been such an amazing year and I cannot wait to watch her little personality shine even more.

Your cheesy smile is infectious!

First Birthday Party

Yay birthday time! A few weeks before her birthday we did a D.I.Y Cake Smash shoot in our kitchen. I’ve seen them be done quite a lot recently and thought they were such cute ideas however quite expensive so we made our own really easily and cheap.

For Ava’s first birthday we were going to have a few people at ours to celebrate and make it quite low key. However after we invited people and started organising her presents/food/drink/decoration we soon realised we wouldn’t have enough space at home. Therefore, we hired out a room which fits about 30 people at our local garden centre. It worked perfectly as Ava had enough space to crawl and climb and there was enough space for food, drink, toys, guests (think we had around 25) and decorations!

In the morning us three spent some time at home opening presents. We bought her a wooden kitchen and she loves it! Its now in our kitchen and she is always crawling out of our living room to go and play with it. I am hoping she loves to cook so one day she can cook for me & Ash (we aren’t the Jamie Oliver and Mary Berrys of this world I can tell you).

For decorations I went a little Pinterest mad (I LOVE PINTERST ITS SO GOOD)! I got some ideas from there and made my own things.

Ava board: this is simply a chalk board and I then just bought chalk pens and made her a little personalised board.

Number 1 photo: just printed out lots of photos from the last year and made it into a number 1 shape.

Pimp your Prosecco: its not all about you Ava haha! This was just a fun little idea – prosesso, fruit juices and strawberries!

For food and drink we just made sandwiches, bought nibbles, crisps, cakes, sausage rolls, squash, lemonade etc – the usual party bits!

Cake: our good friends M&S made our lovely rainbow cake and Ashs mumma made yummy cupcakes!




We had a fabulous (and very tiring) day! We played and played until we all fell asleep! Ava received so many lovely gifts, she was a very lucky girl. She is obsessed with her little tikes car which my parents bought her (these never get old) – she crawls over to it all the time and tries to get in. Thank you to everyone who made her day very special!




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