Long Time No Blog

Where do I even start? I haven’t wrote a blog post since 1st March! I’m trying to think of excuses to use but I have just been lazy!

I kept going to start a post and then I just never got around to continuing with it. Over three months later I am back to it woo! I wrote a New Years Resolutions – 2017 blog post and two of them were to ‘Eat Healthier’ and ‘Write More Blog Posts’. Well, with two bags of Wotsits in hand (actually Cheese Puffs – Aldi’s own) and three months of no blogging my year is going right on track!

Anyway, here are some things on what we’ve been up to in the last three months:

New York

Eee this was amazing! We went in March (without the bub) and it was just great. I don’t mean it was great because Ava wasn’t with us but it was so nice to have some time together (and enjoy hot meals in peace without having to share – luxury!). We did so much in the time we were there and I might write a blog post on what we did/where we went etc as we picked up some great saving tips! Anyway it was amazing amazing amazing!

Devon – Easter


For the Easter Weekend we booked a last minute Air BnB to Devon. We booked a lovely place which was surprisingly cheap for Easter and had a lovely few days away. Ava had a little Easter Egg hunt in the garden (photo above) and we did day visits to Salcombe, Dartmouth, Torquay and Totnes.

Blenheim Palace

We’ve been to Blenheim Palace a few times this year, we have an annual pass which has been so great for easy and lovely days out. There is so much to do there and Ava loves it!

Swimming, Bluebell Woods & Sunny Days


And at 14 months old Ava started walking –  woo go girl! I find it so cute and I can’t believe how it happened so quickly from a few steps to now trying to out run me! Supermarket shopping is going to be fun…


I am going to make an effort going forward to do regular posts, actually I can’t promise anything as Love Island starts again tonight so I am busy for the next 6 weeks! WOO!

I’m joking.







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